Overwatch is a multiplayer First Person Shooter with a very detailed origin.

Far in the future, omnics (robots) turn against humans. Overwatch is founded to fight against the omnics. With the help of Overwatch, humanity prevails over the omnics. The two main leaders of Overwatch get into an arguement and fight to the death. When the fight is over, Overwatch had been destroyed and both of the leaders were thought to be dead. The leaders of Overwatch were Captain Jack Morris (Soldier: 76(Left Side)) and Gabriel Reyes (Reaper(Right Side)).

Soldier 76 And Reaper


The game itself is partially based off of the origin of Overwatch. There are two types of game play that users can take part in while playing Overwatch; Casual and Competitive.

The casual gameplay is for people that might be newer to the game or want to improve on their skills on certain characters.


Competitive is for players that have experience with multiple characters and want to put their skills to the ultimate test and face against other people that want to do the same exact thing. Competitive is where all the hardcore players go to prove their skill.

Real Gameplay

Competitive is also well known for its ranking system. The ranks go as follows; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster. There is also an elite rank for the top 500 players in different countries. You have to be the best of the best to get into the top 500.

Overwatch Ranks


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